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Bench Warrants / Arrest Warrants

Bench Warrants or Arrest Warrants are issued by courts for a variety of reasons. Regardless, with an outstanding warrant you are at risk of being arrested by law enforcement and brought to jail or court at any time. Both arrest warrants and bench warrants are orders from a court or judge. You should not hesitate in immediately taking steps to have the warrant recalled. The Law Offices of David A. Welch can assist you in resolving your situation.

Arrest Warrants are orders in situations stemming from law enforcement investigations or in some failures to appear in court. It is very important to take care of arrest warrants as soon as you first learn that there may be an outstanding warrant for your arrest as law enforcement typically will take immediate action to locate and arrest you.

A judge will issue an arrest warrant when the police are able to provide evidence that a crime occurred and show probable cause, or reason to suspect, that the person they wish to arrest was involved in the crime. An arrest warrant will name the specific person that is to be arrested and does not authorize the arrest of parties unnamed.

Bench Warrants are orders issued by the courts when a defendant fails to appear for a court date. Often individuals are honestly confused regarding court dates or uncertain of their obligations. In other cases, failure to timely report for required court ordered classes or other obligations may result in the issuance of a bench warrant. It is important to take action to recall these warrants immediately. In these types of cases where an honest mistake has been made, it may be possible that the warrant be recalled without additional penalties being issued by the court. Many courts will deal with an individual much differently if they have taken steps to bring the matter into court on their own as opposed to having been arrested by police and “dragged” into court.

Courts have discretion in what type of warrant to issue. In criminal cases where a defendant fails to appear before the court as required, the prosecution may request that an arrest warrant be issued rather than a bench warrant. A bench warrant may also be ordered when a defendant fails to pay fines, fails to comply with probation orders, community service, educational programs, or for other reasons, such as when a defendant commits a crime while released on bail.

It is important to obtain the services of experienced Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney David A. Welch to assist you in recalling the warrant and setting your case on the right track.

We will take immediate steps to assist you with the recall of the warrant and any issues that have given rise to the warrant being issued. Southern California Criminal Defense Attorney David A. Welch will assist you with handling your arrest warrant or bench warrant.

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