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Sex Crimes

If you or someone you care about has been charged with a “Sex Crime” it is imperative that you understand the full depth of the charges which will be filed. Further, you should invoke your right to remain silent (This means don't speak to the police). Finally you should contact an attorney with the skill and knowledge to take immediate steps to secure a defense strategy specific to your case.

Defendants who are convicted of a sexual offense will me exposed to several life changing consequences. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the offence, a life sentence may be imposed (This means an individual may spend the remainder of their life in a California Department of Corrections Facility. However, if they are fortunate enough to not be exposed to a life sentence, they may still be ordered to serve several years in state prison. If you are being accused of a sexual offense, having a skilled and knowledgeable Sex Crime Attorney on your defense team may be enough to minimize your total exposure to straight probation, maximum one year of country jail.

Upon the conclusion of the case and after release from custody, the convicted sex offender will likely be required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code Section 290. This registration requirement will remain in effect and be enforced for the rest of the offender's life. What this means to PC 290 registrant will be precluded from living in near proximity to a school, child care facility or park. One community located in Los Angeles County exemplifies the full gravity of the restrictive limits place on sex crime registrants.

Long Beach, California, located southwest of the City of Los Angeles has a population of 462,000 based on the 2010 United States Census Report. Through the enactment of eighteen ordinances, registered sex offenders are prohibited from residing within two thousand feet of a public or private school, a child-care facility or a public or private park. By inputting the above factors in Google Maps, you will see that approximately ninety-six percent of Long Beach is off limits to registered sex offenders.

Child Pornography and Sex Crimes Involving Minors are two specific areas of practice which David A. Welch and his legal staff are both knowledgeable and skilled.

Child Pornography is defined as an individual having possession of material, pornographic in nature which depicts any person or persons of under eighteen years of age. The possession may be for the purpose of selling, distributing and/or producing. Regardless of the reason for possession, the accused faces serious felony charges and may be exposed to state prison. Additionally, charges can be filed in either the California Superior Court or the Federal Court. Follow the links below to review further details about specific sex crimes.

Sex Crimes Involving a Minor Prostitution is one of the manners in which a sexual crime against a minor can be committed. Among these crimes of prostitution include, enticing a minor female for prostitution, pandering a prostitute who is under the age of sixteen, and finally, procurement of a person who is under the age of sixteen for the purpose of performing a lewd and lascivious act.

Penal Code Section 288 addresses acts against children that are under the age of fourteen and in some cases, under the age of ten. The acts may stem from unwanted touching or fondling to oral copulation, penetration or sodomy. It is important to remember that in California, a person under the age of fourteen is unable to legally provide consent. If your sexual partner is under the age of eighteen (a minor), and you engage in a sexual act with that minor, regardless of who initiated the sexual act, amounts to a violation of Penal Code Section 288 and you are exposes to state prison.

Areas of Practice involving crimes of Sex.

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