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IID - Requirements in California

In California, an individual may be mandated to install an Ignition Interlock Device or in some instances, voluntarily install an IID in their vehicle.

Mandated circumstances include individuals convicted in so-called "Pilot" counties:  Los Angeles, Sacramento, Tulare and Alameda. This requirement falls within a California IID Pilot Program which began on July 1, 2010 and will continue through December 31, 2015. The court can also order the installation of an IID separate from DMV requirements. In the case of a court order, proof of installation must be shown directly to the court. In this case the court will notify the DMV of the order to install, the DMV will then flag your driving record. If you do not comply, the DMV will notify the court of the failure to comply and ultimately a warrant will likely be issued. Finally, the Department of Motor Vehicles is required to mandate the installation of an IID for all California drivers who have been suspended or revoked for a prior DUI and have been convicted of driving on a suspended or revoked license under Vehicle Code Sections 14601.2, 14601.4 or 14601.5.

Voluntary installation commonly occurs when an individual has been convicted of a DUI outside of the four counties participating in California's Pilot IID Program. In these cases, an individual has been convicted of a second, third or fourth DUI offense and has had their driving privileges either suspended or revoked for a period of one, two or three years. In order for the individual to qualify for an early reinstatement of driving privileges, they most voluntarily subject themselves to the same program that is mandated in four counties under the IID Pilot Program.

The installation of the device will be completed by an individual licensed by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs as required in California. One the device has been installed, it must be calibrated every sixty days or less. The installer will confirm proper functioning of the equipment in addition to checking for violations. Fees for the installation, use and monitoring of the equipment may very depending on such factors and the client's location. The best thing to do is to shop around. The Department of Motor Vehicles as well as this website will provide you with a list of IID manufacturers and their installation team.

One of the characteristics of the installed Ignition interlock device is that it has been designed to prevent its circumvention. For example, an individual can have another sober person blow into the machine to start the vehicle, however, the IID periodically does what is called a "Rolling Retest" which allows only a few minutes to blow into the machine before it logs a violation. If the person who provided the clean breath sample is not in the vehicle at the time of the rolling retest is initiated, the equipment will log a violation with the DMV. A violation may cause the individual to be expelled from the program thus rendering him/her again without a license.

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