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IID - Device Providers

Manufacturer Unit Type Cert. Date
Consumer Safety Technology Inc.
Intoxalock 1001 3 Feb 95
**Based out of Des Moines IA.. Consumer Safety Tech. Inc. has been in business since 1992. They work with approximately 69 installation and service providers throughout California.

Low Cost Interlock
Autowatch / TAB 720
LCI 1000
6 Jun 12
1 Oct 12
** Based out of Redlands, California. Their website will offer you multiple choices of installers near you simply by entering your home or work zip code.

Guardian Interlock Systems
Model 33
Model 3050, 3055, 3060
AMS 2000
3 Jun 93
29 Mar 01
18 Nov 05
**Based out of Marietta, GA, their website provided 10 installation locations in the Los Angeles area. They have been in business since 1985 and seem to have several models to choose from.

Autosense International
Alco-Lock Series III 4 Jun 1993
** Based out of San Jose, California. Locations seem to be sparse with most locations showing in LA. Also had problems with we sight getting a clear set of addresses and phone numbers. You may want to give it a try.

Lifesafer Interlock, Inc
Lifesafer SC-100
Lifesafer FC-100
26 Jun 1993
4 Jan 1999
** Based out of Blue Ash, Ohio. I was able to find only four locations throughout the Los Angeles region and three in the San Diego County region.

Smart Start Inc.
SSI 20/20
SSI 20/30
7 Nov 2003
17 May 2007
16 Mar 2012
** Based out of Irving, Texas. The company has approximately 10 service outlets throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties, a total of three in the Inland Empire and only one in San Diego. Check the web to see if one of them may work for you.

WR-2 13 May 2009
** From the company's website, I am unable to determine were the corporate office is. However, the selection of locations to have the IID Installed is extremely limited with a total of two in southern California. If additional locations are available, you may need to call the company.

Global Interlock Service
AlcoMinder 10 Apr 2012
**This Corporation appears to be based out of Henderson, Nevada. Through their website, I was unable to obtain a location for installation. Instead, the website upon inquiry prompted me to email the corporation.

Instant Interlock Service
BrAC Audit Lock 1 1 Aug 2012
** Unable to determine corporate address, The company did have approximately 10 locations throughout Southern California including only one in San Diego County.

Alcohol Detection Systems
19 Apr 2007
28 Feb 2012
** I was unable to locate the companies web sight to research. If you want to find out more about this company, I would suggest you call them at the phone number provided above.

Alco Alert Interlock, Inc
Alco Alert-Series 3000
Alco Alert-Series 5000
16 Aug 2007
10 Sept 2007
** I was unable to locate a service provider anywhere in California through the company's website. I would suggest calling the company directly if you are interested in obtaining information regarding installation.

Draeger Safety Diagnostics
INTERLOCK (c) XT 2 Jan 2008
** The companies website does not seem to be overly user friendly. I made multiple attempts to obtain a location where an IID could be installed in Southern California but was unable to locate an address.

Because these licenses and licensing requirements can expire and change, it is important that you verify with the California Department of Motor Vehicles regarding approved service providers in your region.

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