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  • Experienced and Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation

    An arrest has the potential of affecting your reputation and employment. Having an attorney by your side at the early stages of a case is the best way to ensure your rights are being protected from the start.

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  • DUI Arrest?

    Have you been arrested for impaired driving in the Southern California area? I understand the stress, fear and uncertainty that are a natural part of the process. Let’s talk about your case and discuss your concerns.

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Experience. Passion. Knowledge. Please contact us immediately for a free initial consultation.

  • Are you being investigated or charged with a crime in Southern California?
  • Defense Attorney David A. Welch provides the expert legal counsel you need.
  • Federal, Superior, Juvenile courts & DMV hearings throughout Southern California.

Our Law Firm is committed to aggressively defending those accused of crimes in Federal, Superior, Juvenile courts & DMV hearings throughout Southern California.

The outcome of a criminal case can affect a person for life. All offenses charged by the government are serious, some with severe consequences. With so much on the line, make sure you are represented by an attorney with experience, knowledge and a reputation for dedication in helping with the charges you face. Discuss your case with us in a Free Consultation. Available 24/7 for calls.

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, time is of the essence in beginning a legal defense. An aggressive defense strategy can have positive results regardless of how hopeless things may seem. Promptly hire an experienced lawyer to fight aggressively against the charges. With over two decades of experience, proven skills and knowledge, our firm is dedicated to providing our clients with excellent, caring and affordable representation.


  • Persistent

    I got a DUI back in February 2016  The DA did not want to budge on a deal but David fought for me until he got the deal I wanted. He was very persistent and fought a good fight . I recommend him to anyone in need of and legal advice or legal representation.  Read On

  • Awesome work

    If anyone is looking for the right attorney "The Law Offices of David Welch" is it. ..... My sons case was reduced from a misdemeanor to an infraction. I have nothing but positive things to say,as mentioned in another review everything is handled professionally, timely, efficiently and with compa... Read On

  • Exceeded Expectations

    I couldn't have been happier with my choice of picking David Welch........They exceeded my expectations and they were very affordable. I was informed and given hope along the whole way. Great job guys, I will always refer people to you. I have high hopes I won't be needing you anymore though HEHE.   Read On

We work in several areas of law, including:

Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Charges

Federal Crimes

White Collar Crimes

Our firm has established, positive relationships with Judges, Clerks and Prosecutors in most courts in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego Counties. As a firm, we have nearly 30 years of combined experience, and a proven history of experience and success in protecting clients' rights by discrediting the prosecution's accusations or reducing our client's guilt or exposure.

We practice at all stages: Before being charged with a crime, under investigation, at the stage of charging, during pre-trial preparation and negotiation of your case, and when required, at trial.

We have a solid reputation for integrity, providing thorough and aggressive representation for every client that we defend. Our Firm has the experience and proven success in protecting clients' rights. Our fees are reasonable-affordable compared to most, for the quality of defense you get, and we can work with you on financing.

David A. Welch and firm will fight for the best results possible. Our commitment is to provide you with aggressive representation, with care to assist you through a difficult process, to help prevent or mitigate convictions that could ruin the rest of your life.

Use this contact form if you are facing a Criminal charge and want to talk with me about your case, your rights and your options. FREE CONSULTATION

The first phone call with our firm is free. - You can either call us or fill out this form and we'll call you at No Cost and No Obligation. Let us provide the defense you need.

Los Angeles Office: (310) 965~5585

Inland Empire Office: (951) 367-3607

San Diego Office: (619) 232-8123.

If you have been accused of a crime in South California, it is crucial to contact a good criminal defense lawyer immediately who can provide you with the necessary representation. Only an experienced respected Criminal Defense Attorney can change the entire outlook of your case with your best chance at effectively defending your case and obtaining the result you want.

Dedicated Defense from Beginning to End

I pride myself on being a defense attorney who works relentlessly on obtaining the best results for my clients.  If you hire me to represent you on your case, I will be the attorney who handles it from start to finish.  I am always available to my clients via email, cell or text.  An arrest is bewildering and frightening, and no question is too trivial to ask.  Not only will I fight for you in the court process, but I will be your counselor to help you get through the confusing legal maze.

If you're having fears or doubts about your situation, speaking with a professional in the field can help ease your mind. Every case is different, and requires a California defense attorney with a detailed understanding of how to best approach your problem as well as the ability to communicate exactly what you can expect both in and out of the courtroom.Defense Attorney David A. Welch is committed to strongly defending individuals being investigated or accused of crimes. If you face criminal charges, don't stand alone -- talk to us now in a free private consultation.

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